Whatcom Community College

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Student Life and Culture Starts with Signage As new students enter and graduate, each one leaves their mark on the campus culture. A great way to encourage and inspire students and staff is through signage. Beautifully polished signs can make students feel like their campus is top-class. Dual-Purpose for Signs Signage can be informational as

Weinhard Hotel

Historic. Victorian. Classic. When working on historic projects such as the Weinhard Hotel preserving the history and integrity of the building is crucial. Without awareness of history, the story of the Weinhard Hotel would not continue. “Historic awareness is a kind of resurrection” -William Least Heat-Moon For Weinhard Hotel’s exterior sign upgrade we used materials

Scotty Browns

Social Metamorphosis Scotty Brown’s restaurant, lounge, and social house moved into a brand new construction building and called on us to add to the ambiance of their new space. Signage sets the standard and mood for any business. It can make or break the customer experience. Elevate or frustrate. Great Design is Subtle The signage

Care Medical Group

Care Medical Group right to left view of reflective channel letter sign

Channeling Progression When challenges arise, imaginative solutions are required. The sign code for Care Medical Group was fairly restrictive in terms of the allowable square footage for the sign. To best maximize the scale of the channel letter sign we used metallic silver returns to catch light from the sun. As well as translucent digitally

Core Physio

View of Kansas st. and Grant St. Core Physio pylon sign

You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel When coming up with Core Physio’s pole sign design, we played around with the idea of reusing the former Stampadoodle angled pole. The Stampadoodle also reused the same pole and sign cabinet originally from Skipper’s Seafood N’ Chowder. If you spot one of these angled pole signs in

Community Food Co-op

Community Food Co-op wayfinding monument sign

All for One The Community Food Co-op is known as Bellingham’s natural grocer and dates back to 1969. In order to honor their heritage in the shape of signage, we used their bold bright colors and incorporated free-flowing leaf shapes. We also repeated shapes found in the exterior wayfinding monument sign all throughout the signs

Nugents Corner Market

Judge this book by its cover Nugents Corner Market is a family-owned grocery store that filled the demand of everyone living in the area. They care about providing the best quality for their customers. The best quality in ingredients and in their brand appearance. It is crucial to not overlook the signage component when opening

Barron Heating & Air Conditioning

Barron Heating worms-eye view of channel letter sign

Coming in Hot…and Cold. One of Barron Heating’s core values is being trustworthy. Businesses with clean, professionally-built, signs communicate to their customers that they are credible and instill confidence. In order to convey trust through signage, we knew the branding had to be consistent across all the services that Barron provides. The Power of Simple

Lummi Indian Tribe Salish Village

Salish Village dimensional face and electronic diesel price sign

Relocated, Revamped, and Ready to Roll! Lummi Bay Market located off exit 260 pumps more than just fuel. They are a mega convenience store, truck stop, gas station, serve fresh-made foods, and the list goes on. To help spread the word and let traffic know what services they offer, visible, clean, bold signage was essential