With a simple switch, neon signage can change the ambiance of a room.

They can transform a daytime cafe into a night lounge. The functionality of a neon sign allows for nighttime and daytime usage. Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element in the universe after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon, which makes it super cost-efficient to illuminate.

Neon signs have extremely high visibility and immediately draw attention. Our eyes are naturally drawn to color and light in the dark. The history of neon signs reaches back to the early beginnings of the sign industry. There has been a revival in the use of neon signage for several reasons.

  1. It has a retro feel and creates a nostalgic setting.
  2. Many sign enthusiasts are making massive efforts to preserve the tradition of neon.
  3. They look amazing and market your business 24 hours a day!

Different hues have different brilliance and lifespans. For example, Seacrest and aqua are some of the brightest colors and most neon signs can last up to 10-15 years! Color choice for neon used to be limited, however through deep research in neon tube coating possibilities have become endless. Most neon tube benders are specialists because there are not many new tradesmen and those who are have been bending for decades. Professional glass benders allow for infinite design possibilities.

Below are some detailed shots of Scotty Brown’s newest “Palm Room” neon sign.  The images showcase design flexibility and luminance.