One of the keys to great signage is contrast and eye-catching design. There are many approaches to tackle the obstacle of grabbing someone’s attention. When neon signs first hit the scene they became the standard to attract the eyes of people passing by. Recently LED illuminated signs have more become popular for several reasons. LEDs are cost-effective because they use much less power and require less maintenance than neon. They also are smaller components making them more flexible when designing and fabricating. If you are curious to learn more check out Westmount Sign’s article on Neon vs LED signs.

We recently created exterior and interior signage for one of Vision Plus‘ newest location. They have yet to open their doors, but when they do they are located inside of Haggen’s in Barkley. The sign is halo-lit and polished with stainless. The LEDs are halo-lit behind the letters drawing attention to the contrast of the black and chrome finish. The red brick creates even more contrast between the sign and the surface. The beauty of this sign is it can be seen clearly from distance and it changes colors based on the lighting around it. This is noticeable with the interior signs reflecting passing customers and products on display.