Ben Strom and Eric Drommer collaborating to complete the installation. The sign is internally illuminated and set up with a light sensor to turn on once the sun starts to go down. It is important to note that when using this type of sensor that there is no other ambient lighting that might cause the sign to turn on when it is not necessary.

The sign face has pushed through plex letters and routed out letters at the bottom. Clean, simple, and impact design plays a huge role in a business’ brand. It is one of the many first impressions a customer or visitor will have of the company. Having professional photographs and premium signage changes the feeling of the brand.

We all take joy when our clients are delighted with their signs. After speaking with several of the employees everyone was happy to see the completed installation. Bellingham Bay Ophthalmology has been in their new building for over a year. The addition of a new sign brings back the novelty of being in a new place. It also gives their customers a way-finding indicator. Check out their services and latest changes here.