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The Benefits of Leasing

The leasing of signs has benefited hundreds of businesses with on premise advertising, without crippling the needed capital of their own business.

  • Leasing provides 100% financing. Leasing normally requires no down payment. Your initial investment is usually the first and last month’s payments.
  • Leasing conserves your lines of credit. Because no money has been borrowed, leasing can maximize your borrowing power.
  • Leasing overcomes budget limitations. By allowing you to use equipment, which was not planned for in your yearly financial budget.
  • Leasing frees available cash for potential investment opportunities.
  • Leasing offers certain tax advantages. A monthly lease investment can usually be treated as an operation expense.
  • Leasing includes repairs. Your sign will always look sharp when leased with Signs Plus. Most leases include electrical repairs, cleaning and painting for the life of your lease.
  • Your sign is covered against damage when leased with Signs Plus. Most leases include property and liability coverage on your sign.
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