Creating a Corner on the Market

John Holmes put in the hours to apply letter faces to the Nugents Corner sign. John says that the smaller letters give him more trouble due to their tight corners and serifs on the typeface. Sore fingers to get a splendid result. We appreciate your hard work, John!

Click here to see a timelapse of the letter faces being put onto the sign.

The photos below are a collection of the installation and electrical process. On the site, many challenges may arise for example not having access to power. Our installers, Joe and Ean have to think creatively to complete the job efficiently and effectively. In this case, they used an alternate power source to test the LEDs using an outlet and hooked up the wires from the sign.  They also have to be sure the sign is aligned properly and polish the sign once it is installed. These are a few of the details that each of our installers has to account for when working on a job. The sign industry is full of creative-minded individuals and each job keeps them on their toes.

We had the privilege to do the interior signage as well, which is always fantastic for several reasons. When you have the opportunity to do multiple signage projects for one client it allows the branding and consistency of the business’ image to shine. Got to love the clever floor graphics, perfect for Nugents Corner Market. They are Right off Mount Baker Highway. Make sure to stop in and check out their selection as well as the new signs! Check their website out here.