Core Physio

View of Kansas st. and Grant St. Core Physio pylon sign

You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel

When coming up with Core Physio’s pole sign design, we played around with the idea of reusing the former Stampadoodle angled pole. The Stampadoodle also reused the same pole and sign cabinet originally from Skipper’s Seafood N’ Chowder. If you spot one of these angled pole signs in the shape of an anchor it is likely it is one of the few that remain.

Preserving Architectural History While Creating New Beginnings

In order to keep the architectural integrity of this historic sign the angled pole lives on. However, to differentiate this sign specifically for Core Physio we made some major upgrades. One element we used to make the sign exist in harmony with the renovated building was to use the same metal cladding (found on the exterior of the building) on the base of the pole. Additionally, we removed the perpendicular crossbeam of the pole, a key identifier of Skipper’s anchor signs. Where the crossbeam was cut, we installed a new internally illuminated cabinet sign with acrylic sign faces and digitally applied graphics. When driving down Grant St. in Downtown Bellingham this one is hard to miss!

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