WECU Ferndale bank pylon symmetrical view

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER WECU Bank in Ferndale received a pylon sign update to their sign faces. The sign faces measure 5′-5″ tall by 16′ wide. We applied their new slogan with white vinyl lettering onto the black composite panels. This pylon is high enough that it can be seen from the freeway as

Vaughn Hagen CPA

Sarah Trefethen closeup of sandblasted raw wood

Real Wood. Real Good. Custom double-sided, sandblasted, sign panel for Vaughn Hagen & Sarah Trefethen Public Accountants. The sign panel measures 18” tall by 4’-7” long by 1 ½” thick.

Louis’ Auto Glass

Louis Auto Glass worms-eye view of illuminated neon at night

Generations of Glass Service Since 1929, Louis Auto & Residential Glass has been the leading auto glass company serving Northwest Washington. We have been making signs for Louis Auto Glass and their multiple locations since 2014. Most recently we upgraded the Bellingham location’s, fluorescent lighting to LED. We also replaced their neon with new neon

Peoples Bank

Be Seen and Take Control of Your Image. Every signage project presents itself with different challenges and obstacles for the installation and design team. Peoples Bank in Barkley Village is an excellent example. They were in need of upgrading their massive channel letter sign, however, poles on the outside of the building required the sign

Core Physio

View of Kansas st. and Grant St. Core Physio pylon sign

You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel When coming up with Core Physio’s pole sign design, we played around with the idea of reusing the former Stampadoodle angled pole. The Stampadoodle also reused the same pole and sign cabinet originally from Skipper’s Seafood N’ Chowder. If you spot one of these angled pole signs in

Barron Heating & Air Conditioning

Barron Heating worms-eye view of channel letter sign

Coming in Hot…and Cold. One of Barron Heating’s core values is being trustworthy. Businesses with clean, professionally-built, signs communicate to their customers that they are credible and instill confidence. In order to convey trust through signage, we knew the branding had to be consistent across all the services that Barron provides. The Power of Simple

A1 DesignBuild

A1DesignBuild Dimensional Letters

True Identity The signage of any business should be a direct representation of their company philosophy. A1 DesignBuild is a worker-owned custom home renovation company and their mission is “to design smart and build less so that we can live more.” Smarter not Harder We wanted to bring that same sentiment when creating their non-illuminated

Mahogany Manor

Mahogany Manor Apartments mounted dimensional numbers

Class and Comfort Mahogany Manor apartments have modern and luxury rooms paired with high-quality signage to match. We fabricated and installed a wayfinding monument sign that has a concrete base and dimensional lettering. The design is clean and simple and assists in the presentation of the apartment complex. Additionally, we added apartment numbers to guide

Cedar Grove Apartments

Signs Plus - Development - Cedar Grove Apartments - Hero

Communicate without Speaking Brand new construction and brand new signage speaks volumes about what tenants are to expect when coming to the Cedar Grove Apartments. Maintaining a clean appearance not only provides a friendly environment for the neighborhood but also makes navigating the area much more simple. See without Looking. Once people become familiar with