Jobany Aguilera

Jobany Aguilera comes to Signs Plus with a fresh mindset to learn the trade of installing signs. Aguilera says that as an apprentice the most helpful thing he can do for the lead installers is to anticipate their actions and be ready to lend a hand when needed.

Tony Romero

Tony Romero Signs Plus Installer

Tony joins the Signs Plus team as an installer. He has over 20+ years of sign installation experience. Tony adds versatility to our install crew by having the proper certifications to operate our boom and crane trucks. As well as being familiar with how to install signs for safety and easy access for maintenance. We

Dillon Pettigrew

Dillon Pettigrew apprentice installer

Dillon is one of the youngest members of the Signs Plus team. He is an apprentice installer and is quickly consuming the experience of our install crew. Our installation crew plays a critical part in the sign process. They ensure that the sign is properly hung/installed and transported from the shop to the job location.

Eric Drommer

Eric-Drommer - Signs Plus - Lead Installer

Eric joined the Signs Plus installation team in 2018. He graduated from Bellingham Technical College‘s welding program (’17 Cum Lade). Eric ensures that signs are safely and skillfully installed. It takes sharp thinking and creative problem solving to be an installer. Every day is different and with each project, new obstacles arise. Weather conditions, in-field

Julian Walls

Julian Walls apprentice installer

Julian joined the Signs Plus install team in 2019. Previously he worked as a cell phone tower technician, going up 400 feet in the air! Dealing with the heights of installing signs does not phase him. His jobs include going out to do surveys, electrical maintenance of signs, manning boom trucks, and installing signs. He

Ben Strom

Ben Strom lead installer

Ben joined the Signs Plus team in 2002 and has 27 years of sign installation experience. Ben started working in signs at the age of 19 in 1995. He is one of our lead installers and makes sure our crew has all the materials and tools ready for any given job. Sign installation moves along

Joel Klander

Joel Klander lead installer

Joel joined the Signs Plus team in 2011 and has over 20 years of sign installation experience. Before he was an installer he started in the shop fabricating channel letters. After just one install he never looked back. As a leader, Joel is a mentor to the apprentice installers. He willingly shares his wisdom with

Steve Wydur

Steve Wydur - Signs Plus - Install Coordinator

Steve is a highly knowledgeable journey-level sign electrician and installer with over 20 years of experience. As our Service and Installation Coordinator, he brings a wealth of skills and expertise to our projects. Steve is a licensed electrician, certified crane operator, and certified field welder. He also has a broad range of installation and service skills