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Ivar's Seafood Signs Plus Custom Awning and Canopies

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With a Commercial Awning or Canopy from Signs Plus, you can affordably dress up your storefront, expand your usable space without having to build, and lower your energy usage and utility costs.

Your Commercial Awning will pay for itself by helping to increase your visibility and attract customers. That’s because your Commercial Awning can be painted, lettered and lighted to provide both signage and advertising for your business and make it more visible to your customers (especially if we back-light it at night!). By nature of its design, your Commercial Awning helps to quickly communicate the image of your business, your brand, what you sell and the customers you’re targeting.

Commercial Awnings and Commercial Canopies offer shelter for people and property while helping you better manage solar gain, energy usage, utility costs and additional overhead expenditures.

They also can help to protect your customers, employees and property during all seasons of the year and in all kinds of weather. That also means you decrease your insurance claims (and maybe your premiums!) and reduce your legal risks.

Plus, Commercial Awnings, Outdoor Enclosures and Shelters help to improve working conditions and consequently help to boost employee morale (think Smoking Enclosures, Bus Shelters, Outdoor Picnic Shelters).

Project Highlights

Below are a few examples of projects we’ve completed using Awnings & Canopies

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