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The Face of Your Business

A storefront fascia is the visual identifier of a business. A nametag for businesses and stores. It is normally placed on the most visible part of the building, just below the roof. Fascia signage affirms shoppers and visitors that they have found the right location. It is the physical and structural representation of what the business is all about.

Storefront signs come in a variety of forms (cabinet signs, channel or dimensional letters, etc.). What distinguishes them is not the actual sign, but the placement of the installation.

When we build storefront signage there are a couple of ways we mount the sign to the building. We either mount the sign/letters directly to the building or in our shop to a raceway and then to the building. Installing directly to the building presents more challenges, however, produces the cleanest look. When we use raceways we paint them to match the color of the building (look at the example above). Additionally, all the lighting and wiring components can be safely stored inside the raceway. Different types of signs lend themselves to being directly mounted, such as non-illuminated dimensional letters.

With every project, the type of sign will vary depending on the desired outcome and existing conditions of the building. We take pride in helping businesses build their visual identity. One sign at a time.

Project Highlights

Below are a few examples of projects we’ve completed using Storefront Fascias

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