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Pioneering a Safe Innovative COVID-19 Response

July 20, 2020

Why are so many businesses using floor decals, hand sanitizers and germ screens? Businesses are finding new ways to communicate to their customers that they care. Floor graphics and decals have been apart of the sign industry long before social distancing. However they have been repurposed by innovative retail and grocery stores as wayfinding signage and social distance markers.

Floor graphics are versatile and can be used on almost any surface and removed easily. They also have a slip resistant coating that helps keep customers and employees safe. Another way businesses are keeping both their employees and customers safe is Acrylic sneeze guards. Also known as Germ screens, Plexiglass dividers, Germ shields, etc. Most essential businesses have adopted these screens to add a layer of protection for their cashiers and customers.

Our goal is to provide clean, safe, and branded materials for businesses as they begin to reopen their doors.

Read more about our response to COVID-19 on Whatcom Talk.

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