Devin Mass

Devin Mass Signs Plus Fabricator

Devin joined the Signs Plus team as a Fabricator and is now working in Painting. He came into the team as a self-taught welder and his continued curiosity about the sign trade has helped him grow quickly. Devin has done MIG, Flux-Core, and Dual Shield welding for 3 years working on mulch spreaders and all

Rob Henderson

Rob Henderson - Signs Plus - Production Manager

Rob began his Signs Plus journey on May 20th, 2014. He has been in the sign industry since 1984, possessing a wide range and masterclass signage experience. He started his career after graduating from Sehome High School by sweeping the floors of a sign shop for $2.65 per hour. We are blessed to have Rob

Matthew Curry

Michael Curry - Signs Plus - CNC Router Specialist

Matthew handles all the CNC and routing operations for us. He takes pride in his work and we wouldn’t be able to complete our large-scale projects without him. CNC routers have the ability to produce simple 2D designs as well as more complex 3D signs. Without a specialist to operate the machine, it would sit

James Pratt

James Pratt - Signs Plus - Painter

James has been a part of the Signs Plus team since 2001. He plays an integral part when it comes to executing signage projects. He has 36 years of commercial painting experience, starting as a boat and vehicle painter. He is still improving and coming up with new methods to produce realistic finishes. James is

Justin Hunter

Justin Hunter - Signs Plus - Fabricator

Justin joined the Signs Plus fabrication team in July 2021. He comes with a wealth of welding experience, over 15 years. Previously he worked at Architectural Elements and has done oil refinery welding. Justin cranks out projects with speed and proficiency. He is an eager learner and is still finding new ways to build and