Royce Sieving

Permitting / Safety Manager

Royce Sieving - Signs Plus - Permitting
Royce Sieving co-pilot
Royce Sieving family

Royce handles anything and everything permitting-related. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes to get final approval from the city before a sign can go up. Whether it is a city-law question, an electrical, or an excavation permit, Royce is our guy.

Royce joined the Signs Plus team in 2017 and has lived in Washington since 1996. His background is in general construction and he does way more than just permitting. You can catch him operating a forklift or managing his own signage projects. He also enjoys riding dirt bikes, camping and flying. Additionally, he loves spending quality time and adventures with his son, 2 daughters, grandson, and wife of 25 years.

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