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May 11, 2020
Vital Signs in the age of COVID-19. Communities have long benefited from the vibrancy that effective signage and sign systems bring. Behind each of those signs are the men and women of the sign, graphics and visual communications industry who bring these projects to life with their creativity and skill. They may not always have been seen - until now. During this global pandemic, sign an graphics companies and their employees became essential, helping to breath life, clarity and guidance into communities, economies and overall well being.
STAY BACK - Signs and floor decals in grocery stores and other open establishment have reminded customers to maintain social distancing guidlines, prividing additional safety to workers and guests alike.
THIS WAY - Signs and wayfinding aids have helped drivers navigate unfamiliar locations as some of the hardest-hit communities have developed alternative healthcare locations or instituted public testing sites.
REMEMBER THIS - Signs have helped install the importance of good hygiene and other practices through reminders and instructional guidance for company employees.
WELL DONE - Signs have boosted morale by honoring workers on the frontlines, including healthcare professionals, first responders and retail clerks.
WE’RE OPEN - Signs have helped deliniate the open and the closed, providing direction and clarity in a time when many have had to dramatically shift operating hours and methods.
 MANUFACTURING PROTECTION - Innovative uses for routers, 3D printers and other equipment have brought much-needed skills to the table, developing creative solutions to the shortage in medical supplies, particularly face shields.
 MANUFACTURING MUSCLE - The industry’s ingenuity has led companies to convert manufacturing lines to the production of personal protective equipment - providing rucial armor to frontline healthcare workers.
CUSTOMER CARE - As hard-hit restaurants struggled to survive, sign companies created ways to help them drive business.
SO, WHAT’S NEXT? - Whatever the challenges tomorrow will bring, one thing is certain: The sign, graphics, and visual communications industry will help lead the way with creativity, strength and skill.
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