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December 4, 2013
2013 Signs Plus - Ian Styer

At Signs Plus, we have for over twenty years, been proud and have stood behind every single project we have ever completed giving every ounce of our attention to the detail each sign deserves.

I know its a bold statement.  I know you’ve seen other similar statements from other companies using the same words for various other products in different media.  The truth is, written language has its limitations when trying to quickly and effectively summarize a positive reflection of how you feel about your business and how hard you have worked to get where you are.  Success doesn’t just happen in a day, and language has its limitations.

The nice thing about creating effective signage, is that there are no limitations.

I have been in the sign industry for over 15 years, and have seen first hand how developments in print, paint, illumination, and information technology have literally opened up a universe of opportunities for businesses to be unique in their identification.  I find is absolutely exciting as a sign designer, as I get to use my years of expertise in helping to guide a client to a successful start in terms of maximizing their visibility within their budget.  I know where the industry has been, and keeping current through a network of other professionals and learning new technology as it rolls into mainstream signage makes this industry seem like a living, evolving, organism.  This is a benefit to everyone.

As groundbreaking technology improves and becomes more efficient, it often becomes more widespread and cost effective.  In designing a sign identification package for a client, this obviously means that they will get more for their money in the long run.

One of the best things about what I do, is working with people that are dedicated to seeing their vision come to life and are taking their first brave step into the world of business, eager to make their mark.  I am lucky enough to be chosen by them to help develop their brand – so I feel that I owe it to them to know my industry to the best of my ability, and deliver an effective and memorable sign package.

2013 Signs Plus - The Design Process Cartoon

Joe Sign Guy – A Christmas Special…

Signs Plus was there in the days that designs were hand drawn and painted on, when sprocket-fed vinyl plotters had individual font “cartridges” that had to be loaded so you could wait all afternoon for a single color of vinyl to be cut, and if you wanted a shaped substrate, you would spend all afternoon with a paper pattern and a jigsaw.  I’m old enough to remember those days, but young enough to have gotten in at the end of that era.

Now the possibilities are endless, as we have large format printing, laser engraving, router tables, and other cutting edge tools at our disposal – and just like I stated earlier, there are no limitations to effective signage.  Everything else is just words.

Ian StyerSigns Plus Lead Designer

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