To the North & Back Rebrand

Hub International Illuminated Signs Rebrand Hub International Dimensional Wall Logo Rebrand Hub International Door Vinyl Graphics Rebrand Hub International Illuminated Signs Rebrand

To the North and Back.

Signs Plus has had the honor of helping a worldwide network of insurance brokers successfully execute a full image rebrand.

HUB International flourished out of a merger of 11 privately held insurance brokerages. That number has since grown into a network of more than 400 integrated brokerages across North America – all carrying the HUB banner.

Excited about their new image, HUB came to Signs Plus for a sign package. The package made up of exterior illuminated signs, interior dimensional logos, and vinyl door graphics. Signs Plus has been there to help keep HUB international doing what they do best, even when called as far north as Anchorage, AK. What can we do to help with your business’ image?