PNW Urology Specialists—Interpreting the Vision

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Pacific Northwest Urology Specialists—Interpreting the Vision

Recently the Pacific Northwest Urology Specialists moved into their new building on Squalicum Parkway brandishing new signs and a new look.

Brand Identity

It was Signs Plus that came in to work with them on new branding and that signage that ultimately would successfully highlight their brand identity and personality.

“The Signs Plus team makes everything easy,” says Reanna Furnari with Pacific Northwest Urology Specialists.

Through the creation of the illuminated monument and wall signs, Signs Plus took the characteristic Pacific Northwest look and feel and successfully blended it with the brand identity established by Pacific Northwest Urology Specialists.

“We’ve done a lot of work within the health care industry,” says Jim Sutterfield, Signs Plus President. “We understand how to speak to the industry, and we understand the health care imaging when it comes to branding.”

Furnari describes the work process with Signs Plus as one that left them very happy with the end result, so much so, they’ve engaged the company for additional projects.

Transforming ideas into pictures

“They have a way of transforming ideas into pictures,” she says. “Jim has the ability to interpret the vision by really picking up on the words and turning it into something.”

She goes on to say that, with a large-scope project such as this, it means substantial amount of back and forth discussion. This includes things like exchanging large image files and emails. Because Signs Plus, understanding that this process can be overwhelming, came to the site of Pacific Northwest Urology Specialists. Then presented the ideas and images in person, going over every idea and every image.

“I appreciate that they work through the changes and it’s not one and done,” Furnari says.

The end result and beautiful signage displays the identity of a successful health care practice while it also embodies the warmth of the surrounding and the care received inside the building.