Invested in Environmental Control

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Invested in Environmental Control

Airborne ECS is a team of seasoned engineers. Engineers with vast experience in the aerospace and defense industry. Airborne Environmental Control Systems addressed the rapidly growing need for cooling solutions. Specifically that in directed-energy weapons and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance markets. That includes airborne and ground-based platforms.

Channel Letters

The need was to be noticed in the building where they are, and reflect what they do. Signs Plus delivered by bringing LED channel letters technology to Airborne ECS.

The Building exterior has 2 large LED channel letters custom shapes. They are illuminated by white LED modules and installed to the building exterior.


A Joyce native plans to bring his business which designs advanced cooling systems for military sensors and lasers to Port Angeles. And with it, Bill Lee, president of Airborne Environmental Control Systems, plans to create upward of 100 local jobs over the next 5 years.

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