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Innovative Solar Technology Meets Sign Industry

October 31, 2016

Innovative Solar Technology

The students of Whatcom Community College came to Signs Plus Inc. with the vision of a simple Student Information Kiosk on the quad. Signs Plus turned their ideas into innovation. The Signs Plus team put their heads together to go above and beyond the sign industry standard.  As well as the student’s expectations. Navigating the challenges of  running power to an LED-lit sign on the quad and keeping in line with WCC’s objective for campus sustainability, Signs Plus began a pioneering endeavor. The end resulting in an innovative Solar Powered LED-lit Message Kiosk.

Signs Plus Operations Manager, Paul Lachapelle, designed a solar power system to support the LED lighting used in the kiosk. Some key components of the system are:

  • 160 Watt – 12 Volt Solar Panel
  • 80 AMP Hour Battery
  • Digital Charge Controller

The LED’s run along the top of the kiosk on both sides. This is to illuminate the information boards below. This only draws 15 Watts combined. The system is programmed to light up after dusk, and remain illuminated for 5 hours. Not only is the solar panel a functional component of the kiosk, but it also brings an environmentally friendly design aspect that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The Signs Plus team is definitely not afraid of a challenge. They look forward to continuing to integrate solar power into the sign industry. If you are interested in incorporating solar technology into your sign or lighting system. Please give Signs Plus Inc. a call.

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