Creative and Effective Sign Solutions

One of the keys to great signage is contrast and eye catching design. There are many approaches to tackle the obstacle of grabbing a someones attention. When neon signs first hit the scene they became the standard to attract the eyes of people passing by. Recently LED illuminated signs have more become popular for several Read More

Bellingham Bay Ophthalmology Entry Sign

Ben Strom and Eric Drommer collaborating to to complete the installation. The sign is internally illuminated and setup with a light sensor to turn on once the sun starts to go down. It is important to note that when using this type of sensor that there is no other ambient lighting that might cause the Read More

Nugents Corner Market Sign Creation

John Holmes putting in the hours to apply letter faces to the Nugents Corner sign. John says that the smaller letters give him more trouble due to their tight corners and serifs on the typeface. Sore fingers to get a splendid result. We appreciate your hard work John!     The following photos are an Read More

Scenes at the Solar Rooftop Sign Installation

In efforts to document and capture the process of our sign creation process we want to share a variety of images with you. There is so much that goes into creating signage for a business that it will be difficult to get it all in one blog post. Instead we want show you highlights of Read More