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8 Reasons to Replace the Fluorescent Lamps with LED Lighting in Your Sign

November 25, 2019

Fluorescent lights have been used by companies for decades. But the newest technology has affected more than just how we work, but it has changed nearly every aspect of most businesses – including a better, more efficient way to light your business and your signs. LED signs provide not only a more professional appearance; they […]

5 Things to Consider if you Have an Older LED Sign

November 7, 2014

Watchfire Signs Sales Director John Kunze was recently interviewed for a story in Digital Signage Today about the life cycle of an LED sign and when to consider an upgrade or replacement. In the last 10 years, LED sign technology has evolved greatly. Business owners who were “early adopters” of the electronic message centers may […]

2014 Signs Plus - LED Signs

Sign Structure Failures

November 22, 2013

If you own a own a freestanding sign for advertising your business congratulations, you have the single most effective source of revenue generating advertising your money can buy. You also have one of the biggest liabilities a business can face. Many business owners only think of that sign when they see some lights out, or it is […]

When The Lights Go Out At Your Business

November 6, 2013

Having a bad hair day? Now that Daylight Savings Time is here and fall is upon us, many of us view our businesses in a different light. Literally! In the real estate business, you may call it curb appeal. Some call it making a good first impression. Whatever you call it, in today’s competitive marketplace it […]

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