Bellingham Flag on the map!

Flag Flag Flag Flag

The Bellingham Flag—Design Takes Its Place on the Map

By now you have seen the brilliant blue and green Bellingham Flag, designed by Brad Lockhart of Lariat Creative, with the Downtown Bellingham Partnership.

The symbolic community flag is seen flying high all over the city and displayed in business and car windows in the form of a sticker as well as drawn, painted and colored by local children in educational settings.

“I’m excited to see so many adopt it,” says Bob Pritchett, owner, Faithlife.

In fact, inspired by the community spirit and pride, Pritchett worked with Signs Plus to have a larger rendition of this iconic flag design created for display just outside of the Faithlife building in Downtown Bellingham.

“We were inspired by the image of the flag as a sticker with the rounded corners,” says Pritchett. “It was like a sticker you would put on a stick pin for a map.”

And, with that vision in mind, the large sign was created with the pin red round top and the stick below as if to signify Bellingham’s placement on the map.

And, now, as a result you’ll see local residents and tourists alike pose under the sign for a quick picture of their time in Bellingham or as a sign of pride for their community.

“I’m an enthusiastic fan,” says Pritchett of the design and purpose behind the flag and now the large sign housed just outside the Faithlife building.