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Creativity Thriving at Signs Plus During COVID-19

As businesses are forced to shutter their doors to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, those still open are getting creative. The offices of Signs Plus—Whatcom County sign makers for almost 30 years—are temporarily closed to the general public until the shelter in place order is lifted, but their fabrication and maintenance departments remain Read More

The ABC’s and XYZ’s Of Precision Sign Manufacturing

The ABC’s and XYZ’s Of Precision Sign Manufacturing   Computers have changed everything! This statement has never been truer than in modern sign manufacturing. The use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment ensures that precision is virtually guaranteed. Not to mention how efficient these newer CNC controlled machines are at cutting and shaping a wider Read More

LED and YOUR sign

LED AND YOUR SIGN Major Advances In Electrical Engineering And Chemistry Were Necessary To Bring Us The Current Revolution In The World Of Light That Is The Light Emitting Diode  In the simplest of terms, a Diode is an electronic device that works as a gate to allow electrical current to run one direction but Read More

Journeyman Sign Installers – Now Hiring

Signs Plus Inc. Bellingham’s leading sign designer, fabricator and installer since 1992 is growing and expanding its installation team.  We are looking to add a Journeyman Sign Installer among a number of other positions. Signs Plus journeyman sign installers install custom, high fit and finish, electrical signage and lighting features. Our work is highly custom, Read More

Invested in Environmental Control

Channel Letters

Invested in Environmental Control Airborne ECS is a team of seasoned engineers. Engineers with vast experience in the aerospace and defense industry. Airborne Environmental Control Systems addressed the rapidly growing need for cooling solutions. Specifically that in directed-energy weapons and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance markets. That includes airborne and ground-based platforms. Channel Letters The need Read More

Outlier is Here | Rebranding the Restaurant

Seattle’s Sazerac Restaurant In October of 2016 Seattle’s Sazerac restaurant adjacent to Hotel Monaco announced it would temporarily close its doors in January for a significant rebranding. At the time, few details were known about what the end result would look like. In the weeks following the announcement, an amazing team consisting of some of Washington State’s Read More

How Does Neon Gas Light?

Neon Sign

How Does Neon Gas Light? Neon gas, most commonly found commercially in signs, is trapped in a glass tube with a metal electrode fused on each end. High voltage transformers are attached to the electrodes causing electron transmission. The electrons become accelerated to a high rate of speed. When a specific level is reached the tube ignites Read More

Bellingham Flag on the map!


The Bellingham Flag—Design Takes Its Place on the Map By now you have seen the brilliant blue and green Bellingham Flag, designed by Brad Lockhart of Lariat Creative, with the Downtown Bellingham Partnership. The symbolic community flag is seen flying high all over the city and displayed in business and car windows in the form Read More

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