5 Things to Consider if you Have an Older LED Sign

2014 Signs Plus - LED Signs 2014 Signs Plus - LED Signs

Watchfire Signs Sales Director John Kunze was recently interviewed for a story in Digital Signage Today about the life cycle of an LED sign and when to consider an upgrade or replacement.

In the last 10 years, LED sign technology has evolved greatly. Business owners who were “early adopters” of the electronic message centers may be wondering if it is time to replace or update their old sign. If your sign is five or more years old, here five some key factors you shouldn’t overlook.

  1. Energy Requirements: Energy consumption has dropped dramatically as LED sign technology has evolved. Our customers have found that they can reduce operating costs by replacing older LED signs and particularly older bulb-driven signs. Signs Plus can calculate an energy cost comparison between your current sign and a new unit of comparable size. The results may surprise you.
  2. Resolution/Image Quality: When the first 35mm color LED signs were released, we thought the picture clarity and color capability was quite a leap from the monochrome and bulb units we had been making. And it was. In fact for many applications, the 35mm is still a good choice. However, we now offer a wider range of tight resolution HD quality signage. Businesses with close street traffic or pedestrian traffic will benefit from higher resolution – options that simply weren’t available 5 years ago.
  3. Communication Options: Sign communication options have been an area of innovation over the past five years as well. Hard-wired methods are still available, but our customers can now use reliable wireless methods such as cellular broadband which allows you to manage your sign from any Internet connection. For customers with security or network concerns, we now offer a way to connect to the sign from outside of your business network firewall, making you and your IT team happy.
  4. Re-establish Your Business as a Landmark: The area around your business may have changed greatly since your sign was first installed. As an early adopter of time and temperature or message center signage, your business may have even emerged as a local landmark. Over the years your sign can become one of several in your area or your community, or you may be facing more competition from box or chain stores. You can re-establish your business as a landmark by adopting new technology to add vivid color, animation, dynamic content or even a larger sign.
  5. Service Issues/Making a Bad Impression: Motor Magazine recently featured an article about making a good impression when customers see your business. A sign that is malfunctioning or completely broken can be a turn off to customers. If your original sign did not come from a top tier manufacturer, you may be having trouble getting it serviced or finding parts. Cluttered signage can also make a bad first impression and can be cleaned up by using an LED sign to communicate a few key messages within the same space.

As you look at your options for replacing an older sign, you’ll want to do your homework. Request a fresh traffic analysis, research sign manufacturers so you have a full understanding on the difference of the products out there, and be sure to connect with a reputable sign like Signs Plus! We are a preferred WatchFire Signs vendor with the skills and training necessary to make the process easy and trouble free for you.