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November 2013 - Signs Plus

I Am Thankful

November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because in its essence it’s an officially recognized celebration of that great universal truth: It’s good to be alive, and I have a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes the amount of sign designs, project bids, production meetings, and sales appointments in my life makes me temporarily forget this, […]

The Value of On-Premise Signage

November 25, 2013

Often the value of on premise signage to the success of business is overlooked or ignored by cities and counties throughout the country. And in some cases businesses themselves never realize their value. As a long time member of the International Sign Association, which serves the sign industry as the preeminent resource for information on […]

2013 Signs Plus - Auburn North Shopping Center

Sign Structure Failures

November 22, 2013

If you own a own a freestanding sign for advertising your business congratulations, you have the single most effective source of revenue generating advertising your money can buy. You also have one of the biggest liabilities a business can face. Many business owners only think of that sign when they see some lights out, or it is […]

Bank Signs, Financial Institution Signs

November 21, 2013

Here at Signs Plus, we recognize the need for specialized signs to service banks, credit unions and financial institutions. We offer a product line of Architectural Sign Systems that allow for easy creation of a professional, cost-effective “total facility” signage package for banks, credit unions and financial institutions. Your decision to “sign with us” is the […]

2013 Signs Plus - NW Plus Credit Union

Auburn North Shopping Center Gets An Update

November 19, 2013

Suffering from a severely outdated look, Aburn North just received a sign face-lift! Signs Plus just completed updating the multi-tenant pylon signs at the shopping center in Auburn, WA. The old signs which were installed in the 80’s were no longer attracting the quality tenants, and those consumers that follow, to the center. The ownership […]

2013 Signs Plus - Auburn North Shopping Center

When The Lights Go Out At Your Business

November 6, 2013

Having a bad hair day? Now that Daylight Savings Time is here and fall is upon us, many of us view our businesses in a different light. Literally! In the real estate business, you may call it curb appeal. Some call it making a good first impression. Whatever you call it, in today’s competitive marketplace it […]

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